And THAT’LL DO IT! This concludes chapter 2, Birds of a Feather! When we begin anew, we will be onto chapter 3, which is (in my opinion) where we really get to speed. (I know, 2 chapters just to get up to speed? Amateur, at best.)

So, this also means, for the next three weeks to a month-ish, we will be taking a little break to get the next batch of thumbnails and other material (like my brain, for example) in order, BUT, that doesn’t mean we won’t be updating! Nope, nope, no down-time, here. AS MENTIONED, I have recruited some lovely artists to make some beautiful work for you to pass our Fridays without slump. And not only that! Depending on how many artists are able to get something to me, I MAY have bonus updates for you… like maybe you’ll be gettin’ something on a Monday AND a Friday. Eh? Wouldn’t that be nice? My recommendation is to keep your eye on the official TMM tumblr account, and in no time at all once you are done drinking in all this lovely guest material, I’ll see you again for page 1 of chapter 3 in about a month. Thank you all so much for your continued reading and, hopefully, enjoyment!