The Muse Mentor, which updates every Friday just so you know, is a story about creative self-expression, individual success, and fitting in on the mental plane, where everyone is a mood, impulse, thought, or other brain-related process.

Mona is in her early 20’s and trying to figure out what she’d be happiest doing for the rest of her life, and that would be a lot easier to work out if she knew what her function was. To make matters worse, she doesn’t have any outstanding skills that make it any easier to discern… but she knows if anyone could help her, it would probably be a muse – someone who inspires creative actions and is considered a step above mere notions so far as social status goes. After all, they have a destiny to make it to a higher plane. You know. If they’re good enough.

The comic is written and illustrated by Amy King, who you can also find at twitter and tumblr. She is very grateful to have a trusty and speedy flat colorist, Kay King, who can also be found at deviantArt and tumblr!

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Dedicated to Vicky:

Vicky was my original inspiration for the character of Mona, and someone I miss very much. While the story, and Mona, have certainly developed in their own directions, I think that original sentiment that I have for Vicky still rings true when reading it. So this one’s for her! I’m just sorry she can’t read it.

I welcome you along for the read, and thank you for taking a look!