And there you have it.

Wow. Well. Four years and nine months of work, 180 pages (WHICH, by the way, were ALL flat-filled by my sister Kay so please show her some love!), with lots of ups and downs inbetween it all. I learned so much from making this comic, not least of all how to finish one, but I think MOST of all, how much I love being able to watch an audience – all of you! – read, react, question, and take something of it with you. That is an honor that if I go on to write a hundred more stories I’ll still feel unworthy.

But! You have told me in messages and tags and e-mails and even in person that the comic made you happy, or sad, or that it made you think. I’m so grateful for that. I’m so lucky to have been able to share Mona’s story with you, and I thank you for coming along.

If I take my own advice and be honest, I have to admit this is hard to write. Any author worth their salt knows that whatever message I intended in this story won’t matter as much as whatever message you choose to take away. I hope whatever you do take is something positive. If I can give you even a sliver of something good right now, that would sure be something, because I know that you’ve given me a lot.

Phew! All right! WELL! What next? Well, more comics, of course! If you want to follow my other comic, you can head right over to Harlowe Vanished and get to know a new emerging cast in a watery world. If you have a few bucks to kick around, and you think you’ll miss The Muse Mentor’s characters, maybe you can check out my Patreon, where I will occasionally be featuring them in bonus comic material. Or, if you are ESPECIALLY vigilant, follow me on either my tumblr or my twitter, and I’ll keep you posted on my plans to eventually print this story in its entirety. How? Not sure, yet. But that’s the adventure!

I wish you all the best! Don’t be a stranger, huh?

โ™ฅ Amy