Here are some other online comics that I read, that maybe you would also enjoy! Unfortunately, at present time, I am not accepting any link trades, but if you want me to at least have a look at your comic, you can always e-mail me a link!

Boss Monster –  Red Moon Rising – Bad Reputation

H&J –  Riverside Extras –  Valkyrie Squadron

Maggot Boy – Modus OperandiPlatinum Black

JudeccaDoomsday, My DearMythos

String TheoryMonster’s GardenWiddershins

Monster PulseLove Me NiceGlam Rock Gorilla

Dead WinterToilet GenieManly Guys Doing Manly Things

Astral AvesAmyaDrunkards of the Cosmos


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I also enjoy perusing others works in non-comic form, sometimes. If you do, too, these might be for you!

Sam Lagenfeld @ dA or tumblr –  Julie Dillon @ dA or tumblr

Sanne Kreuger @ dA or tumblr – A. Wilkenfield @ dA or tumblr

Shannon Finch @ dA or tumblr

Sandwich Buggy : Satellite Site for Amy King, Nancy King and Casey Johnston



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