Hey everybody!

First of all, as usual, let me thank you for sticking with the comic. As of June this year I’ll have had this comic for four years (!) and it has been a real adventure… an educational adventure! Through all the ups and downs, I really value all this comic has done for me, not just as an artist, but, honestly, as a person. That’s a big chunk of my life. A permanent part of MY story.

So! Here is the big news I have contemplated and agonized over. I will be switching The Muse Mentor to batch updates (much like my other comic, Harlowe Vanished) for the duration of its run, which is… shock and awe… LESS than a year!! Can you believe that? There are only TWO CHAPTERS, a mere 48 pages, separating us from the end of the comic, which seems so unreal to me, but ya know what? We’re gonna get there. As you can read above, THESE are the dates I have chosen to bring you not just a mere few pages, no… these will be 12 page, half-chapter updates which I shall drop on you in big ol’ chunks. It’s not just better than plodding along every week for YOU, but it’s also actually WAY preferable for ME so far as being able to bring you better page quality and story cohesion. Trust me, this was a tough decision, but it’s one I had to make as the creator, and I am 100% positive it was the right one.

I understand there may be some questions or confusion, so please, please, PLEASE comment or e-mail or somethin’ if you’d like some clarification from me. I am SUPER stoked to bring the pages to you in this format, and think it is the best fit for what needs to be accomplished. In the meantime, if you wanna keep updated, you can check out the RSS feed, my twitter, the official Muse Mentor tumblr, OR my own personal tumblr!

Talk to you all soon!