I know that this might be hard to believe, but Chapter 5 is DONE. In the can!!

Can you believe there are only three chapters to go? It’s true! We are way past halfway through. Is it gonna be downhill, uphill, or very-up-and-downsy from here? And wouldn’t downhill AND uphill both be difficult or at least unwieldy as it is? Hmm. Things to ponder.

I am gonna be taking a short 2 week break before charging semi-fearlessly into Chapter 6, A Girl’s Best Friend – but no worries! There will be some guest art going up on the 1st and 8th, and then I’ll see you again with a new page on the 15th. As always, I appreciate your feedback and readership so much, it is always so awesome to hear your thoughts and know you’re out there following along. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the story!