And with that, we conclude It Takes A Village! Ahhhh! I started this one back on September 13th, so it feels good to put it properly to bed. I am going to be taking a little two week break to fine-tune chapter 4’s script, and then we’ll be picking up on April 18th–

but wait!! That doesn’t mean there won’t be anything going on, here! I will be posting some guest art from a few different awesome contributors. Keep an eye on the official tumblr for announcements. And also, if you’d like to support the comic, please do check out my Patreon. Some of my long-term goals include free sketch requests, multiple updates per week, and more!

I deeply appreciate all of you who have decided to follow along, readers both old and new. Chapter 4 is the midway of the story (can you believe it??) so things start getting a little mixed up – hope you’ll be back to read more!