This is the first every-other-Tuesday update we’ll be doing! Sorry for the little hiccup, but at least it was only a couple days to wait, eh? I would also like to cross-post some news from the blog and the Patreon just so everyone is kept in the loop:

For those who are maybe not aware, my father passed away very unexpectedly last Sunday, and as the eldest next of kin, a lot has fallen into my lap. I am doing my best to work through it (plus, you know, dealing with grief), which means there are temporary adjustments in my professional life, and permanent changes in my social life.

I was going to really try to bust out the first Muse Mentor double update on time, but I have been in production limbo with the comic, to be quite honest. I am going to revert to my original plan of updating on Tuesdays and Fridays since it better meshes with my schedule at current, so our first official double update will still be this week, but it’s going to be Tuesday the 15th instead of Monday the 14th. Then, after that, all updates will resume normally – Friday the 18th, Friday the 25th, Tuesday the 29th, Friday the 2nd, and so-on-and-so-forth.

I will keep everyone updated as things occur, but for now things are all right and we are on schedule.