When I started making The Muse Mentor, I was pretty sure nobody would read it. I expected to spend 5 or so years making it in dutiful silence, because it was just a tiny story, really, but one that I wanted to put out there. It meant a lot to me to have a project to steadily work on, with characters I cared about, but I didn’t dare think it was going to capture anyone else’s attention.

Over the years – and it’s wild to think it HAS been years! – I have seen names repeatedly pop up in the comments and shares, I’ve read your emails and messages and tumblr tags, I’ve delighted at your gift art and theorizing, and I’ve laughed, smiled, thought deeply, and even gotten a little misty at some of your responses. I didn’t know you’d be here, and I certainly didn’t think you’d stay.

I’m so incredibly grateful for you, whether you are a new reader or old. Thank you for giving a chance to a small story. I hope you’ve liked it even a snip as much as I’ve loved watching you read and react to it.

…oh! And we still have 9 pages to go. ?