Hey, how about I give you some ACTUAL news down here, for once? I made a BIG announcement on my twitter that in HOPEFULLY spring 2017 I will be launching a KICKSTARTER for the first-and-ONLY print edition of The Muse Mentor!! I KNOW, right? I’m still nailing down the details and running a Kickstarter can be a pretty scary undertaking, so bear with me on this, but definitely also keep an eye out.

This is also probably a good time to let you know that if you aren’t already, following either my tumblr, my twitter, OR the official Muse Mentor tumblr is gonna be a good way to keep up on updates for the Kickstarter, since it won’t be launching til (gasp) AFTER this comic wraps up in… uh oh… 14 pages. Dang… that’s SOON.

Of course, you COULD also throw in $1 a month on my Patreon, if you wanted early news and updates, as well as extra content! Just sayin’. ;]

Happy weekend, and see you all next week!