Hey, sorry about the minor hiccup, there! I come bearing some good news, though:

First of all, well, obviously, A PAGE! Hoorah! Second of all, I am ALL moved in, now, so no more surprises for the time being, and a return to a settled art schedule. Phew! It has been months since I’ve been able to say that, so it’s a huge relief.

Third of all… are any of you going to Rose City Comic Con this weekend? Because, if you are, I will also be there at Booth 462 for Portland SPN Family! I have a couple Supernatural themed art goodies for sale, but even if you just want to say hi… you should!! I’d love to see you! If you mention you read one or both of my comics, I will most likely give you a high five, or maybe a hug, unless you are not about the whole touchy-touchy thing, in which case I will just say “THANK YOU!” very loudly.

Hope to see you there, and hope to also see you back here next week for a new page!