Honestly, it’s been a pleasure getting to introduce all of these characters, and to seeing you react to their ups and downs, no matter how subtle. Next week will be the last page. I’ll save any other thoughts on the comic for then!

I WILL say, however, that if you want to take a look at my Patreon, I will be continuing to make content relevant to The Muse Mentor’s cast through the bonus comics I’m going to start this month. The first one features Esteban and Toby, in fact. If you think that ever might be something you’re interested in, please do check it out and see if you’d maybe like to make a small monthly donation in order to get access to that. I also offer a lot of other cool rewards and bonus content for my other works, if you want to support my future projects, as well. Every buck helps.

Thanks so much! ? I’ll see you all right here, ONE LAST TIME, next week.